Themed Entertainment, VFX and Animation Reel

Walt Disney Imagineering, Highlights (2015-2021)

Work includes interactive media design, real time visualization, projection mapping, vfx supervision, multimedia integration, and installation. Examples available upon request

WEB Singers: A Spider-Man Adventure (Avengers Campus, Disney California Adventure & Disneyland Paris)

—  Visual art direction for real time content
—  Design, supervision and physical integration of all final digital media
—  Supervision of Unreal Engine visualizations of all attraction and media

Avatar: Flight of Passage (Land of Pandora, Disney’s Animal Kingdom)

—  Supervision and physical integration of all digital media
—  Media design of traditional and interactive pre-show content


—  Maya, Unreal, V-Ray, Arnold, PRman, Katana, Nuke, Photoshop, Premiere, Panorama tools, Photogrammetry tools, Python.
—  Houdini, Blender, Touch Designer, C++, Java, Bash, GLSL, Renderman Shading Language, Processing, openFrameworks, openCV, ffmpeg
—  Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, motors, hardware interfaces, displays, LED programming, mold making and casting, photography and camera building.


—  Production VFX supervisor.
—  Facility CG supervisor.
—  3D artist generating visual development material, asset builds, and sequence lighting design.
—  Technical Director lighting and compositing of final shots and troubleshooting technical roadblocks.

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