Themed Entertainment, VFX and Animation Reel

Walt Disney Imagineering, Highlights (2015-2021)

Work includes interactive media design, real time visualization, projection mapping, vfx supervision, multimedia integration, and installation. Examples available upon request

WEB Singers: A Spider-Man Adventure (Avengers Campus, Disney California Adventure & Disneyland Paris)

—ย  Visual art direction for real time content
—ย  Design, supervision and physical integration of all final digital media
—ย  Supervision of Unreal Engine visualizations of all attraction and media

Avatar: Flight of Passage (Land of Pandora, Disney’s Animal Kingdom)

—ย  Supervision and physical integration of all digital media
—ย  Media design of traditional and interactive pre-show content


—ย  Maya, Unreal, V-Ray, Arnold, PRman, Katana, Nuke, Photoshop, Premiere, Panorama tools, Photogrammetry tools, Python.
—ย  Houdini, Blender, Touch Designer, C++, Java, Bash, GLSL, Renderman Shading Language, Processing, openFrameworks, openCV, ffmpeg
—ย  Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, motors, hardware interfaces, displays, LED programming, mold making and casting, photography and camera building.


—ย  Production VFX supervisor.
—ย  Facility CG supervisor.
—ย  3D artist generating visual development material, asset builds, and sequence lighting design.
—ย  Technical Director lighting and compositing of final shots and troubleshooting technical roadblocks.

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